How To Use A Niddy Noddy

You have a newly spun yarn on your bobbin. Now what?

A niddy noddy is a handy tool for turning that bobbin full of yarn into a skein. Niddy noddies come in a variety of sizes and styles, but they generally all work in the same way. Think of the capital letter "I" a vertical stick, with a shorter horizontal stick at the top and the bottom. In this case, the top horizontal stick forms the letter "T" while the bottom has one arm pointing toward you and the other away from you.

1.Using a slip knot, tie the end of your yarn to the top right arm of your niddy noddy, and slide it toward the center post.

2. Bring the yarn down to the lower arm which is facing you and wrap it under the arm, as you turn the niddy noddy a quarter turn to the right. You now have an upside down "T" with the yarn coming under the lower right arm of your niddy noddy.

3. As you continue to turn your niddy noddy to the right, bring the yarn up and over the top right arm of your niddy noddy. We're back to the right side up "T" now.

4. Now bring the yarn down and under the arm which is facing you, as you continue to turn your niddy noddy to the right.

5. Bring the yarn back up and over the top arm of your niddy noddy. This should be the arm where your slip knot is attached.

Continue this process until you have wrapped all of your yarn around the niddy noddy.

Notice how your yarn forms kind of a zigzag pattern around your niddy noddy, forming four sections. Tie a piece of yarn separately around each of these four bundles. This will keep your yarn from tangling until you are ready to wind it into a ball for use later.

Now you are ready to remove the yarn from the niddy noddy by gently slipping it off one arm, and then the others.

To set the twist in your yarn, you may immerse it in very hot water, squeeze in a towel to remove excess moisture, and hang it up to dry.

Copyright 2008 - Karen Poulakos Fiber Arts Studio