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Whether you are looking for a Spinning Wheel, a Loom, Spinning and Weaving Accessories, Carding Equipment, or a wonderfully soft Fiber to spin, we're here to help! We sell only the high quality products that we enjoy using ourselves. Our product lines include FRICKE, KROMSKI, SCHACHT, and STRAUCH. We hope to have our catalog online very soon.

If you are a beginning spinner, check out our free tutorials page. We have put together some helpful information to get you started.

Bamboo Knitting Needles At Bargain Prices!
We are now offering a terrific selection of imported Bamboo Knitting Needles! You won't believe the quality of these needles for the price!
Circular needles are available in sizes 0 to 15, and in cable lengths of 15.75", 19.5", 31.5", 39.5", and 47". Prices start at $1.99.
Double points are available in 5" and 8" lengths, in sizes 0 to 15. Prices start at $4.49.
Single Point Needles are available in 9" length, from sizes 0 to 15. Prices start at $2.59.
Call or email us for a price list.

Our site is currently under construction, so please be patient as we continue to develop it.

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